Posed for


A new brand hewn from an existing business ready to pivot on a dime.

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Rockridge Market Hall

An icon of craft and a bustling grocery bazaar in need of a site to reflect their well-earned position in the food world.

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Toke From
the Bow

48 North

Making juicy content to announce a brand before launch, in a quasi-legal industry.

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the Guru


A brand for a brand strategist needs to be on point, bar none, show-stopping.

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Building A
Meaty Audience

No Ounce Wasted podcast

An organization in an inspiration lull used our strategic marketing to find its voice again.

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Mission to
the Moon

The Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation

Creating marketing for an exhibit that started somewhere else but is perfectly at home at THF.

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Case Study


TIHOCO is a marketing/coaching hybrid that uses both spiritual and practical tools to help entrepreneurs develop and grow their brands. We were brought in to help the brand developer develop their own brand. We started pre-brand platform with a deep business strategy process. Finding the right ration of consultant and educator, the right proportion of persona and brand, and the right products to sell was all paramount and came before the marketing could begin. Once we solved for x, we created the most foundational marketing tools: the vision and mission statements. From there, we built a robust brand platform and created the site.

The Results

TIHOCO is a very agile business that is always evolving. The plates of the brand platform shift more than most other clients so we stay connected about what still feels like TIHOCO and what might be best left undone. Periodic audits help to maintain cohesion and integrity with the brand and keep us connected and brainstorming new, wild ways to connect to their audience.

Additional work for this client: Naming (organization, programs, courses), strategy, brand audits